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Dear friend,

Millennium BAM Vision is the unimposed trace of a huge effort and announcement of a better tomorrow. It is a mark of love, respect and mutual fidelity of two persons and their joined faith in the magic world of basketball. That mark is filled with trust, everyday hard work, sacrifices, persistence and knowledge that give it an unmatched depth. Of course, as it is naturally imposed, it is sprinkled with human indifference, lack of comprehension and contempt.

Millennium BAM Vision is a story of love for children and for the game of basketball. Millennium BAM Vision is an announcement of reaffirmation of love where basketball is the means.

Millennium BAM Vision is the saga of a colourful path from the first private basketball school for children in Europe to the European concept of basketball development for children aged 13 and 14. World is changing for the better through concepts and not by imposing ideas or just with improvisation. BAM concept is that of encouraging children to deal with the challenges of the future.

Dear friend, do not seek for the meaning of the word BAM. Anything you may find is only partly true. Consider that BAM is an idea you cannot find in any serious dictionaries in the world. It is simply a synonym for life enthusiasm and of strong love towards children and basketball. BAM is spirit and energy built at the end of the first and at the beginning of the second century of existence of the magic world of basketball. As it usually happens, everything has begun in a wonderful place but in some hard and dangerous times.

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